6 ways to trick yourself full

by team nuut

Filling the fridge for a healthy body is a game of strategy, a balancing act of things to eat now and things to eat in-between, ideally in a wide range of colours, flavours and textures for optimal nourishment.

Eating the right foods is also key to feeling satiated which is important for wellness and easy weight management.

The other way to feel full and satisfied has more to do with the mind than the stomach.  Studies show that brain science is behind a healthier approach to eating.  When the clock strikes 3pm and that chocolate craving hits, don’t blame your stomach. The urge to splurge actually stems from the brain.

Harnessing the power of the mind to rewire old habits is a fresh approach to healthy weight management. Here is 6 ways to trick your mind and stack your fridge for your best body ever.


  1. Water Water Water….

The stomach is like a balloon. As you eat, it expands, and once it reaches maximum capacity, the sensors throughout your digestive system alert your brain's amygdala that it's time to stop eating — regardless of what you have eaten. It makes sense that filling your stomach with water and nutrients, rather than empty calories is key. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal, sipping frequently while eating, and opting for water-rich foods like soup, salad, fruit, and vegetables, helps fill you up without weighing you down. 

  1. Fill-up on fibre

Fibre pulls water from your body and from the food you've eaten, delivering it to your intestinal tract, for a feeling of satiation. As it passes through the body undigested, fibre slows the absorption of nutrients, making you feel fuller for longer. Studies show that adding 6 grams of soluble fibre (such as ground flaxseed) to yogurt provides the satiating power of an additional 260 calories. So to reap the satiating benefits of fibre, aim for 25 to 35 grams daily.  

Refined carbohydrates, like baked goods and sugary treats — are satiety killers. When participants in a 2008 British study drank a high-carb beverage for breakfast, they reported feeling hungrier at lunch than when they drank a beverage high in protein. Why? Too much sugar can cause a rapid spike in insulin, which causes sugar cravings later and triggers excess consumption of food.  



  1. Pack in the protein

Protein is muscle-growing fuel and has the power to raise levels of peptides in your stomach. Peptides, which are synthesised amino acids, initiate cross-talk with the brain on a molecular level that tells your body it’s full.


Fruits and vegetables are important to consume daily, but to thrive, our bodies require high-quality sources of plant-based proteins on a regular basis. Fresh produce is not always available, so an effective and convenient option is organic protein powder formulated from wholefood that provides your body with the protein that it needs. 


nuut is 100% nourishment derived from best-in-class wholefoods. Delicious, nourishing, sustainable and satisfying, each sachet contains over 30% of your daily nutritional needs, and when mixed with 300ml of plant-based milk, is filling enough to keep you going until dinner.

  1. savour flavour

no matter how delicious the food on your plate is, eat slowly and chew mindfully. it helps what researchers call "oro-sensory factors," which send satiation signals to your brain, helping you feel full on less food, according to a study by dutch researchers, when each bite is chewed for an extra 3 seconds we end up consuming less.


  1. concentrate on what you are eating

what you're doing while you eat might be as important as what you're consuming. if watching tv at dinner time, you’re likely to consume much more food and eat for longer periods of time.  eating while distracted can also interrupt brain-to-stomach satiation signals, making it harder to monitor just how much you are eating in one sitting. so when you sit at the table, focus solely on eating and you might find you stick to one helping of food. not seconds. 


  1. snack wisely

when hunger pains strike, be ready. always be armed with healthy snacks high in protein or fibre to help keep sugar cravings at bay, or shake a nuut, sip and feel instantly satisfied.   feeling satiated all day means ramped up energy levels and the perfect solution to spontaneous snacking.



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