how to form a habit

by team nuut

when it comes to health and wellbeing, forming new habits and routines helps us establish clear goals and expectations.

consistency is critical to a healthier lifestyle because training our body to require the same thing daily minimises the inclination to give into cravings or hit snooze.

starting and stopping routines means never achieving the benefits because we pause halfway. practising consistency results in habits which are easier to stick to. you no longer have to drag yourself to the gym or force yourself to eat healthily - it just happens!

here are some tips on how to be consistent so you can be your best self.

setting goals

short-term goals are a great way to boost motivation. it's important to have clear long-term plans too, so that when you do smash your short-term goal, you just. keep. going.

long-term goals become deep-seated. doing something consistently over a long period becomes a habit that, once well established, becomes inbuilt. these goals help you stay focused and develop good habits for the long haul.

make a plan

we all know the secret to long-lasting weight management is lifestyle – which is defined by what we do and eat consistently. so maintaining daily consistency with a workout programme and meal plan equals success!

experts say that the best way to form a new habit is to tie it to an existing one. look for patterns in your day and think about using existing practices to create new ones. for many of us, our morning routine is our most consistent one. while brushing your teeth, you might stand on one foot to practice balance or your daily nuut replaces toast and coffee. little changes made daily become habits which result in life-changing benefits.

think about your past attempts at exercise and eating healthily and adjust your new regime accordingly. follow an eating and exercise plan you feel good about that is easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

nuut's new signature plan is designed by a nutritionist to help you be consistent. follow it for 28 days to help form new habits or after completing a nuut meal plan. it's the ideal way to maintain your well-earned post-plan results and helps you stay in shape while continuing to gently lose weight.

choose from two versions, including plant-based, and shake daily nuuts, while preparing easy delicious recipes using wholefoods for fat-burning, more energy and a happy gut.
maintaining a level of consistency takes a lot of practice. there will be days when you overeat or miss a workout but keep at it, and it will become second nature. when you do slip up, ask yourself why it happened and move on. this is not a race to the finish line – it’s a slow change of mindset for a new way of living each day.