over iso? here are 3 steps for an instant REBOOt!

by team nuut

Too much House Party, wine, cheese and sofa-surfing?

We’re hearing you. Sure self-isolation has its upside -  we are all caught up on Netflix and read every book on the shelf twice.

But the downside, for some of us at least, is decreased fitness, excess kilos and a feeling of lethargy and downright fatigue. Feeling good comes down to maintaining daily personal wellness. A challenge, it turns out, in these uncertain times.

Here at nuut, we want to make it easier for you to feel good and look fantastic.

Here are 5 things we are doing to feel better. And fast.

Feel free to steal….



The first step to feeling better is to overhaul our daily diet. Too much stodge, as delicious as it may be, is a guaranteed way to gain weight, damage gut health, and mess up digestion.

Best tip? Choose clean food options and pack in as many fresh fruit and vegetables as possible.

If pasta is your newfound BFF it might be difficult to cut back. We get it’s hard to change habits at the best of times, which is why we’ve devised a plan to make it easier.

The nuut Reboot is a 14-day nutritionist-approved downloadable meal plan that helps you relearn how to eat for weight loss and health benefits. And see and feel results really quickly.

Each day includes 2 delicious nuuts, 1 nutritious meal, and 2 snacks designed to smash cravings and satisfy. Because iso has its challenges, we have made sure it’s super flexible which makes it easy to commit to. Either follow the 14-day plan, swap around days, or repeat the same week twice. Whatever works for you.




It isn’t rocket science. The only way to tone-up and get fit is to M.O.V.E. Isolating definitely makes it difficult - it can be hard to feel motivated when Netflix beckons. Luckily there are lots of online workouts you can flick to in-between Friends reruns.

For retro aficionados, there is a feast of legwarmer-wearing routines to obsess over.  We love Jane Fonda’s Original 1982 Workout Cher’s 1992 Hot Dance and Cindy Crawford’s 1992 Shape Your Body.

If striped leopards aren’t your speed, here are some more up-to-date workouts to check out.

W1LL offers easy-to-follow, downloadable yoga and meditation classes. Feel- the-burn as you work out to killer beats and break a sweat for real results.

Sydney Dance Company offers virtual studio classes for beginners in hip-hop, ballet and jazz, as well as Friday Feel Good parties.

The Queensland Ballet offers free online classes that cater to all ages. Slip on your pointes and practice traditional ballet, stretching sessions and salsa.

Hustle Boxing in Sydney includes New York-inspired workouts featuring plenty of jabs and hooks. Let off some steam with boxing-led fitness classes, express workouts and weekly check-ins.



Spending more time in bed on your phone than having fun?  

Research shows an unhealthy lifestyle can put a real dampener on your libido, which means a super-low sex drive (hence more scrolling time).

Good sex makes for much more that a connected relationship. It counts as exercise so burns off excess kilos, is good for the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and brings a fresh flush to your cheeks (hello glow!)

Need help finding your AWOL sex drive? Eat clean, work out and chill. Oh and the odd treat may help too  (we love Porte a Vie).

Looking for more ways to reboot? Check out our favourite nuut smoothie recipes and get busy in the kitchen.