quickie… with michelle rimmer from states.of

by team nuut

Documenting her stylish life is all in a day’s work for Michelle Rimmer. Mother of two boys, and nuut devotee, her states.of blog embodies her chic minimal style and love of travel, interiors, design and fashion.


nuut (n): what’s your secret weapon and why? 

Michelle Rimmer (MR): My daily go-to is the Refresh x nuut Daily Balance + Coffee shakes. I have one for lunch most days. Pre-mixed with hemp milk, they are consistently the highlight of every day. 


n: last eureka moment?

mr: Discovering my best creativity comes from a relaxed frame of mind. It’s usually when I’m running out of the house, and don’t have time to stress over the concept that I deliver the coolest content. 


n: who do you turn to for advice?

mr: My mum and husband know me better than anyone. They have my best interests at heart, but are also honest and fair. They give it to me straight. 


n: how do you cure a creative block?

A trip to the beach works wonders. The internet connection is always horrible which forces me to switch off.


n: when should you compromise?

mr: When you’re wrong! 


n: best decision you ever made?

mr: Starting an online page that showcases what I’m into. States.Of changed my entire life’s direction and gives me endless creative opportunities to express myself. 


n: and the worst?

mr: Worrying about what everyone else thinks. It’s a daily decision to just focus on what I love and prioritise what actually matters. 


n: every closet needs…

mr: Denim shorts, skirt and jeans in various shades of blues and black.


n: the one beauty product you can’t live without?

mr: The Secret Skincare’s Cellular Repair- Sensitive. It’s prescribed by two Perth-based GP’s (which gets compounded locally and delivered globally) and is totally customised to my needs.


n: your happy place?

mr: My home and the beach at the end of our street. 


n: current mood and why?

mr: Motivated. So many amazing opportunities have been coming to me  and I’m super motivated to create and deliver new concepts for these companies. 2021 is pretty amazing so far...  


n: what gets you up in the morning?

mr:The sound of my five-year-old on his skate ramp and a strong long black coffee.


n: the first thing you do when you are up?

mr: I start everyday by reading through my morning affirmations that are based on Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor book and albums. They program my mind for the day. Then I open Instagram. 


n: first holiday destination when borders reopen?

mr: Most likely Bali. The cravings are REAL.