why good friends are great for your health

by team nuut

if you've ever had a friend you could laugh, cry, and share your most intimate secrets, you know how powerful and important a good friendship can be.

they can enrich your life in many ways and teach you a lot about yourself. they are there in good times and bad and encourage you to do your best and improve in all aspects of your life.

when times are tough, they push you to keep going and are always there to celebrate your successes. they also can positively impact your health.
a good friend can:
• boost your happiness
• give you a sense of belonging and purpose
• improve your self-confidence and self-worth
• help you cope with traumas, like a death, relationship break-up, serious illness, or job loss.
• watch out for you and give you a heads-up when unhealthy habits, like drinking too much, get out of hand
• walk and talk you through your problems and help take the stress out of situations
• ease the emotional impact of difficulties and help problem-solve them
they can also help you set and maintain wellness goals, so you eat better and exercise more. it's much easier to eat healthily and stay active when you have a friend by your side.

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